The 4th Kuwait Critical Care Conferance

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The 4th Kuwait Critical Care Conferance

Post by motarid on Tue Sep 16, 2008 8:49 am


Mechanical Ventilation
MV in sever bronchial asthma
ARDS Network (past, present & future)
Weaning and Extubation
Optimizing patient ventilator interaction
Asynchrony with MV recognition and management
Management of Obstructive Lung disease
Management of Respiratory failure the expanding evidence based

Controversies in Pulmonary Critical Care
Massive PE should be lysed
Non invasive ventilation in COPD
Invasive versus no invasive methods in diagnosing VAP

Nutirition / Metabolic Dysfunction
Entral feeding dysfunction approach and management
Early feeding in pacreatitis
Tight glycemic control dose it really matter?

Brain Dysfunction
Deliriem in ICU approach and management
Neurocogitive dysfunction after critical illness
Sleep in ICU overview (impact of sleep deprevation and influence of sedation and analgesia on sleep ICU

Nephro / RRT
RRT in ICU 2008 update
Heamofiltration in Sepsis
Dose and timing of CRRT revisited
New Bio marker in renal injury
Current management of septic shock
APC evidence revolving
Optimizing antimicrobial in septic shock
Corticosteriod in septic shock
Vassopressor therapy dopamine Vs nor epinephrine
Pro and Cons
APC in sepsis
Steroid in sepsis
Steroid in ARDS
Neuro ICU
Traumatic brain injury ( how much we understand the pathophysiology )
Protective brain measures are they effective as we think?
Critical care of stroke
Intracerebral hemorrhage
Fever in brain injured patient Adaptive response or threat
There is no left side success without right side success!
New approach to heart failure
Use of heart-Lung interactions to diagnose CV insuffiency
Invasive and non invasive hemodynamic monitoring

Trauma year in review
Acute care surgery the surgeon in ICU
Damage control surgery
Severe Pancreatitis
Ischemic Bowel ICU management

General Topics
Critical care year in review
Evidence base medical what have we proven
Prevention is better than cure even in critical care
Crystalloid Vs Colloids: is it still controversial
Critical care Quiz
Hypothermia in cardiac arrest to cool or not to cool
Cooling device and cooling methods keeping a cool head in the ICU
Obstetrical critical care
Anemia and transfusion practice in CCU patients
Critical care of the elderly.

Pediatric Critical Care
Sepsis in children
The new guide lines of resus in children
Neurally adjusted ventilatory assist in children, a new way of ventilation

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Re: The 4th Kuwait Critical Care Conferance

Post by shehrism on Fri Oct 03, 2008 7:29 am

sir abdulsalam::buy us tickets to kuwait so we can attend this nice conferance..kuwait is alot of fun Smilethanx motarid


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Re: The 4th Kuwait Critical Care Conferance

Post by wafa on Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:19 am

santa Hello every one >>

any body going there ??

4fun >>>

Smile i mean 4 the conference !!

see u there .


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Re: The 4th Kuwait Critical Care Conferance

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